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Alyssia Dodgers - 16 - Observative - Straight - Atlanta, Georgia - FC: Babydoll

Alyssia is a very quiet one. She watches everyone and everything they do, ….. quietly. Alyssia is like a bunny, she’s sweet and soft. But don’t call her cute to her face, she thinks she can be sexy and fierce she’s tired of being called ‘cute’.

Alyssia is also in a group with her friends, her and her friends have made 2 music videos and their working on their album right now.

Why did you come here?

To show people that I’ve matured and that I’m becoming an adult.

What’s you secret?

When I was little I was diagnosed with autusim, and so many people wonder why I never had many friends.


Sofia - Best Friend

Yazmin - Bestfriend




Dancing ( Ballet and Hip-Hop and Jazz)

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