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amara-lopez-deactivated20130604 → Can you reserve Amara for me & when more people come I will come back?

Okay, but your bio has moved to another RP. www.milickacademy-rpg.tumblr.com

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Anonymous → May I be Angelo Vadera


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Anonymous → Can you make Kirko Bangz a character claim


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Anonymous → can i be kimberley?


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Anonymous → Can I Be Sofia?


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Sorry I haven’t been on had to study for some test.. -Admin

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Anonymous → Can I apply for Kimberley Jones?


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Bella Williams - 16 - Careless - Los Angeles, California - Straight - FC: Stella Hudgens


Bella’s the type of girl that wants to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Many think that she’s mean and snotty but deep down inside she’s nice and caring. She just wants to do whatever the fuck she wants to without anyone judging her or telling her that she can’t. Bella only listens to her sister Stacie.

» Why did you come here?

My sister sent me here hoping that I can become more humble and make better decisions.

» What is your secret?

I was always judged growing up.

» Connections:

Stacie - Sister

+ Talents +

Dancing (Ballet)


#stella hudgens #open female #mindless behavior